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Ectranslator- long-term clients


Following is the list of some long-term clients:

British Consulate General

Impulse Electronic Co.,  Ltd.

Hewlett-Packard Medical Instrument Product Division

Clinico Eye & Ear Care Health Service

Clinico Eye & Ear Care health service"It is very difficult to get a special translation of our occupation until we found shanghai medical translation centre. Since then , our ads and materials never get complaints from our clients."

-Director Huang

Shanghai ZHTG Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd

"we have three demands:1. The best service possible,2.On time delivery 3. Moderate cost. Shanghai medical translation centre is always our best business partner."

- Miss Lau

Canada Novoscience Pharma Inc.

Dojindo Institute of Chemistry


Ectranslator Translation Services Co., Ltd. ?001-2004    Tel:0086-(0)21-51036356(Shanghai) / 00852-81277567(Hong Kong) Email: [email protected]

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